Access Control

Access ControlAccess Control is the most flexible way of controlling the flow of people in and out of your premises and provides a very high level of security.

No matter what industry you are in or the size of your chat gay malaga business, there is always the need for protecting both property and people and Access Control is a very good method of doing this.

Gone is the need for multiple keys for different areas of the building to allow different people access, and gone is the need to replace locks and have new keys cut when they are lost or members of staff leave the company at your expense. You can now issue one fob per member of staff and grant this fob access to only the areas and rooms of the premises they need to be in. You may want certain members of staff to just have access through the main entrance, where as your IT staff be required to go in to the server room but no one else.

As well as allowing or blocking access for people to certain rooms or areas you can also have access granted or refused on a time based system. Say for instance you only wanted members of staff to access the premises during normal working hours but the site caretaker to be able to access 24/7 this can also be set up.

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Another key security feature with Access Control systems is the automatic locking it provides. This eliminates the problem of people forgetting to lock doors behind them or at the end of the day with traditional keys. When the door is closed it can be set to automatically lock providing peace of mind knowing the site is always locked and secure.Access Control UK

There is also the flip side to this feature, the system can be set up to allow doors to stay unlocked even when closed at certain times of the day. This is useful for customer waiting areas for example.

You can have the access control system to keep the door to the waiting room open between 9am-5pm then be automatically locked outside of those times.

As well as the security features an access control system gives you it also provides information of people’s movement around the building. This is all stored on a central database showing who used rencontre gratuit france their access fobs at which access points and what time and date this was done. This can provide useful data that can be used in several ways including solving disputes over who was where and when.

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