4 Camera HD CCTV Systems From £1,899+VAT

HD CCTV Camera

High Definition CCTV is the future and is here to stay. With vastly improved image quality at affordable prices protecting your business or premises with HD CCTV is the way forward.

There are two forms of HD CCTV, the first is HD-SDI. HD-SDI is a brand new technology that can be installed on your traditional coax cable that will already be installed helping to reduce the costs of an installation. It works in the traditional way except images and footage viewed and recorded are full High Definition 1080p. The second type of HD CCTV is an IP based system, this system operates over networks such as cat5e and cat6e cabling. The IP based systems also operate at 1080p High Definition.

There are many uses and advantages of the greatly increased image quality, the first thing you will notice is the increased pixel count. One of the greatest advantages our customers find with this is face recognition. The High Definition images make it so much easier to positively identify individuals, as well as things such as number plates at distances. Customers have also used the High Definition CCTV images to inspect products on a manufacturing line, looking for the smallest defects was before impossible but now with HD CCTV it can easily be done.

HD CCTV can also be a very cost effective way of providing security for your business, due to the high pixel count and High Definition images one camera can perform the job of up to 5 standard definition CCTV cameras. There is the full variety of camera options available to suit your needs, Static Internals, Vandal Domes, PTZ Cameras etc.


We at Europarc Security believe being and the forefront of technology in the industry and we strongly believe that HD CCTV is the future of the industry. With the recent advances in the technology and price reductions now is the time to invest for the future in the most advanced up to date system available.

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